About Us

What, in this world, isn't an aggregation of communicating elements?  That's what we asked ourselves at PartServ and firmly found...NOTHING.

There is one constant of the human that relates him to most everything he uses: PARTS make a whole.

Never is the synergy of parts more apparent than in the lives of things that have a POWER button.  The problem we face is that your power device is as unique as you are, and its parts must match.  The good news is we match parts.  We've done the research to take the sting out of an already painful situation---being without something you use daily is more than an inconvenience, and going in circles trying to find what you need can become a nightmare.

We created PartServ to help you get the right part to get the power back.

Think power, think parts.  Think parts, think PartServ...At Your Service.



Our Parts:

All our parts are pulled from working TV sets, they are tested and guaranteed to work. They carry a 180-day warranty.**


**Unless otherwise stated in the listing.