How do I find the part I need?

All TV circuit boards need to be ordered by part number. *Most of the time the white sticker contains the number. We can check our inventory if you supply the part number to us at support@gopartserv.com 

All stands need to be ordered by model number of the TV, with a few exceptions such as Vizio that have a part number listed on a sticker on the bottom. (Please click "show more" in the stand listing to make sure that your model number shows up in the Compatible models section) *Please note that all stands  will not look identical to the original picture taken of the product. Some  might have more or less scratches. However, anything we feel is not in  satisfactory condition is never sold to you. 

What is the condition of your parts?

all computing, networking, gaming, etc is brand new and in manufacturer packaging covered by manufacturer warranty plus our 180 day guarantee 

All television parts are reclaimed from working TVs with cracked screens, are fully-tested and are backed by a 180-day warranty. *Stands are in used condition and may contain scuffs and scratches. 

How much will this cost to ship?

To get an accurate estimate of the shipping costs and different shipping options available, please add the item to your cart and begin the checkout process. After you enter your address, it will show you all the available shipping options.

Is this item in stock?

An item is in stock if it will allow you to add it to your cart. If the item is out of stock, there will be no option to add the product to your cart and it will say out of stock. If it does not say out of stock then it is in stock. 

If an item is out of stock, you may click the blue banner on the left, enter your email, and we will email you when we get the product back in stock.

Having trouble adding the item to your cart?

Sometimes, after clicking "add to cart" the loading wheel will continue to spin indefinitely. If this is the case, chances are that the item was added to your cart. Just click the shopping basket icon located in the left sidebar. 

Will the part I order be the one from the picture?

The picture you see is from when we created the listing. Note*  While we try to only stock quality parts sometimes the color or overall appearance can be slightly different from the original picture listed. 

How long does shipping take?  All orders are shipped with 3 days at most, usually shipped day of purchase.  


Please reach out to our support center at support@gopartserv.com  WE can be reached Monday-Friday from 10Am-3Pm. Thanks for shopping with us! 

*Please note the old phone number most likely shows up on internet searches, but has not been active since 2017, we decided to offer better support via Online only and that is why it is not an active line. Thanks for understanding.