1AA4B10N22900_A N7AH 1AA4B10N22900 Sanyo Main Board


Board Type Main Unit
Mother Board
A/V Signal Module
Part Number N7AH (***IMPORTANT*** look for N7AH on sticker on side of tuner to confirm compatibility) 1AA4B10N22900-N7AH
Additional Board Numbers PWB.Main_AN7AE
Known Compatibility Sanyo DP42849
Sanyo P42849-04
Sanyo DP42840
For Sets Using Panel LG
Warehouse Location 5G2
Notice IMPORTANT!: to insure compatibility with your TV, please verify that the white sticker on the side of your tuner has "N7AH" printed on it. Most TVs ship from their manufacturers in multiple configurations, so this may or may not be the part used in your set; please be sure your configuration uses this part prior to purchase

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$ 98.86
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