310432838126 310432842631 3104 313 60378 Philips Main SSB Board

Board Type Main Unit
Mother Board
A/V Signal Module
Part Number 310432838126 or Equivalent 310432842631
Additional Board Numbers
310432842631 3104 328 42631
310432838126 3104 328 38126
Known Compatibility
Philips 42PF7320A/37
Philips 42PF7220A/37
Warehouse Location
SC2 0A1 4C1
Notice This board, like most Philips SSB boards, may require an SSB configuration to function properly in your set. If you power the set on to a blank screen, please shoot us an email for configuration instructions. Thanks!
All parts are reclaimed from working TVs with cracked screens, are fully-tested and come with a 180-day warranty.

By Philips

$ 37.99
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