313926857362 313918900031 Philips Main SSB Board


Board Type Main Input Unit
Mother Board
A/V Signal Module
Part Number 313926857362 or Equivalent 313918900031
Additional Board Numbers 313912363582v1 WK744.2
313912363592v1 WK744.2
Known Compatibility Philips 42PFL3603D/27
Philips 42MF438B/27
Philips 47TA648BX/37
Philips 32PFL5403D/27
Magnavox 42MF438B/27
Philips 47PFL3603D/27
Warehouse Location 5F2
Notice This board, like most Philips SSB boards, may require an SSB configuration to function properly in your set. If you power the set on to a blank screen, please shoot us an email for configuration instructions. Thanks!

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