55.70E01.001G WESTINGHOUSE TX-42F430S Main Board

Board Type Main Input Unit
Mother Board
A/V Signal Module
Part Number 55.70E01.001G 55.70E01.001
Additional Board Numbers W421TA FX69 MB
Known Compatibility WESTINGHOUSE TX-42F430S
For Sets Using Panel CMO Chi Mei Optoelectronics V420H1-L07 REV.C2
Warehouse Location 3B1
Notice Most TVs ship from their manufacturers in multiple configurations, so this may or may not be the part used in your set; please be sure your configuration uses this part prior to purchase

All parts are reclaimed from working TVs with cracked screens, are fully-tested and come with a 180-day warranty.

By Westinghouse

$ 77.76
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