Element 34016717 / 34016779 / 34016443 Main Board for ELST4316S (J6E1M/H6E1M Serial--SEE NOTE)

Part Type: Main Unit, Main Board, VGA Input, HDMI Input, A/V Board, Signal Board, Tuner Board, USB Input, Power Supply Unit

Part Number: 34016717

Board Number(s): CV6488H-A, 10010973
Order by part number whenever possible. Often times there are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or panels.
Notice: there are several different main boards for E4ST4316H. This board is compatible with TVs with serial number beginning with J6E1M or H6E1M.
34016717 or 34016779 or 34016443 or 34016893 is printed on a sticker on board.
TV Models:
E4ST4316H H6E1M E4ST4316H J6E1M


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