LG AGF33372701 (EAX37921504(0)) Main Board

Part Type: Main Unit, Main Board, HDMI Input, A/V Board, Signal Board, Tuner Board, USB Input, Digital Audio Output, Ethernet Input
Part Number: AGF33372701
Part Usage LCD
MFR Part Number 1: LG AGF33372701
Board Number(s): EAX37921504(0)
Substitute Parts: CRB30418201, EBU36270614, EBU36270601
Panel Sticker Number: LC320WX6-SLA3
Notes, Comments & Additional Information:

We always recommend ordering by part number whenever possible. Often times there are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or panels.

Brands LG
Important Message: Works in televisions with SVC code: 32LC5DC-UA.AUSYLJR.
TV Part Types Main Board
TV Models:



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