LG EBT63364004 Main Board

LG EBT63364004 Main Board

  • $ 31.27

Warranty: 180-Day Warranty
Part Type: Main Unit, Main Board, HDMI Input, A/V Board, Signal Board, Tuner Board, USB Input, Ethernet Input, Digital Audio Output

Part Number: EBT63364004

Board Number(s): EAX66085702(1.0), 47EBT000-0189, 46PRSL6J
Substitute Parts: KIT-49UB8300-UG-K1
Notice: Part number can be found on the orange barcode sticker. For TVs with SVC code 49UB8300-UG.AUSWLJR (found on sticker on back of TV).
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All parts are reclaimed from working TVs with cracked screens, are fully-tested and come with a 180-day warranty.